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Don’t let your deal fall through during your vacation! You can still notarize and have a great vacation with virtual notarizations.

2022 has been the year of “the much needed and well deserved vacation”. Given the lifting of the lockdown and everyone itching to emerge out of their well cushioned bubbles, we don’t care how crazy these holiday season travels will get, we’re booking that vacation! Don’t even get me started on digital nomads, the envy of the rest of us working from home, digital nomads bring it to the next level of work and travel. What is a digital nomad you ask? Digital nomads are business owners, freelance workers and remote employees traveling domestically or overseas while working.  The internet has made it possible to stay connected to jobs, co-workers, and clients.  Digital nomads may travel with unlimited budgets or they find economical temporary homes and workplaces to live and conduct business. For couples or single people, it’s become a unique opportunity. You do still see families taking the opportunity as well, but I see that more in RV cross country traveling. 

As a virtual notary, I’m seeing more and more people signing important documents while traveling, whether it was a vacation being interrupted by an emergency signing or the new age traveler working remotely from different parts of the world. During Covid it was an all too common story when I would get on a signing and ask where is the signer located. At that time, they were always US citizens who got caught up in traveling during covid to another country. They usually stay longer than they originally thought. I remember I signed a woman in Spain who we couldn’t reach for a few hours because she was hiking in Spain. I was told that as soon as she got back from one of her hikes, she would sign on with me. Apparently while talking to her, I learned that she was just doing one of those intense nature exploration trips and this closing happened to fall right in the middle of her trip. Another signer in Greece was clearly on a relaxing vacation. I could tell he was enjoying his vacation in Greece because who normally signs from a sunny rooftop pool with a fancy umbrella drink in their hand?  Well this business traveler certainly did. I am sure he took all his meetings from the poolside of the mountain top hotel. That particular signer I know had multiple properties in the US and was also selling during the boom.  He happened to let that minor detail be known during our conversation. Going on vacation and still managing deals is just everyone’s mood board, am I right? I want to be just like you, I told him. 

I remember signing someone in Colombia who’s back story was they usually travel back and forth alot from Miami to Colombia several times a year but Covid halted their normal travel plans. So they were “stuck” in Colombia and needed to sign these important urgent documents. They were amazed to sign virtually and so thankful that we made it happen for them because it seemed to them their only possible solution to sign these documents was to fly to the US, but Notary Force superheroes came to the rescue. Whatever that important document was, they were able to get it done. 

I’ll leave you with this last one. I signed a really nice married couple selling one of their homes earlier this year and when we got onto the virtual signing, they were sitting next to each other on their docked yacht…very comfortably I might add. At first they thought they could both be on one phone and I had to explain that they each needed to be on separate devices for this particular platform.  Once they were on their own devices, we had some minor reception issues at first but once reception got better we did the signing in just a few minutes and they signed, signed, signed away. They were amazed by how quick and easy the entire process was and from the comfort of their yacht. I’m sure they probably sailed into the sunset with a glass of champagne in their hands right after that, wouldn’t you? I sure would be!

Notarizing documents used to be a time-consuming process that required special appointments and third-party visits to get done, but now with the help of technology, all you need to complete notarization is a valid form of ID and either a laptop with a camera and mic or a phone. Notary Force is here to assist in making notarizing faster, simpler, and more secure than ever before by allowing users to access notaries anytime and anywhere with just the click of a button. 

A much needed and well deserved vacation can increase your energy, create an excitement and appreciation of life, and provide you with much needed rest. Don’t let the unavoidable paperwork or documents that need to be notarized make you postpone or even cancel your travel plans. With Notary Force, you don’t have to worry about it! We offer professional, experienced and reliable notaries who are available all hours and days of the week on demand to take care of your notarization needs for you. Now all you have to worry about is packing your bags for the much needed vacation!

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