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Types of Documents we Notarize Virtually

Types of Documents we Notarize Virtually

Did you know that collectively since the beginning of 2020 when Shirley Lopez and Laura Scherr first started performing Remote Online Notarizations, Notary Force has now signed thousands of documents and has built a huge library of experience in a wide range of documents?  Shirley Lopez as CEO of L&L Process,  our sister company, has been providing legal services for the past 10+ years and was able to expand into virtual notarizations backed by an extensive network of attorneys representing various areas of law. 

Remote Online Notarization is also known as RON, Virtual Notarization, and Online Notarization. 

Remote Online Notarization is an innovative way for notaries to serve customers virtually. It makes the process of getting documents signed and sealed faster, simpler, and safer by connecting people via secure audio/visual technology through a digital platform instead of requiring face-to-face meetings in person.

Notary Publics are trusted public officials appointed by state governments to protect the integrity of important documents. As impartial witnesses, they help safeguard against fraud and authenticate signatures while providing a valued service to citizens. Onsite or online notarizations maintain the same level of security as Notaries ensure that all documentation is properly signed and executed in accordance with applicable laws.

Forty-one states nationwide are now established for Remote Online Notarization services. Florida is one of these suitable locations where notaries can apply to obtain their RON license, enabling them to offer this modern solution and meet the demands of today’s digital age. In addition to having a state-issued Notary license, a Florida Notary must also obtain a license for remote online notarizations. Without this valid license in place, providing such service would be considered unlawful activity by authorities.

When a notarization is performed online, the notary will provide an electronic seal that is capable of independent verification, and be attached to or logically associated with the electronic certificate in a way that shows evidence of any changes.

Electronic seals provide the same authentication for digital documents as an ink seal does for paper – verifying that a Notary has notarized it and providing essential information about their identity.

US notaries are now bridging the gap between parties of any location, providing a secure and legal way to process documents related to US affairs. Experienced remote online notaries can assist with all document signing needs from anyone located anywhere in the world. However, the notary MUST be located within the State they are licensed in.

Notarizing documents online is a convenient way to get important paperwork securely verified and signed. All the same document types that can be notarized in person are also able to be accomplished safely via remote methods.

As a Florida notary, the most common notarial acts are acknowledgments and Jurats. Other common tasks allowed in Florida are signature witnessing and attesting to the authenticity of certain photocopied documents.

Notarizing documents is a vital part of certain processes. However, requirements for this often vary by state – from the presence of witnesses to simply recognizing the signer’s signature before a notary public. To ensure that you follow all necessary regulations, be sure to consult your local attorney or check out up-to date laws in your area so nothing goes astray!

It is important to know that notarization of a document does not serve to verify the accuracy or truthfulness of information contained therein; rather, it solely attests that the signer is who they claim to be and signed with their own free will.

Notarization is an important step when attesting to the validity of facts and statements. Whether it be a real estate transaction, affidavit, or last will & testament – notary publics are relied upon to certify that parties have willingly entered into these documents with their signature. Not only does this provide evidence for legal proceedings in court but also safeguards against fraudulent transactions being enforced without authorization from involved parties.


Affidavits are a very common document that is notarized.  Almost everyone signs an affidavit of some type at some point.  An affidavit is used to legally affirm facts as accurate. To ensure the validity of a fact, an affidavit statement must be notarized by a qualified individual. The process of notarization serves as confirmation that signatures are authentic, and that all parties involved in the transaction were acting without external influence or force. This fraud-deterrent system adds credibility to documents making it possible for them to be approved legally in court proceedings.


We are well-versed in the Notarization of estate planning documents. This crucial step adds an extra layer of protection by guaranteeing that signatures are authenticated and done so with complete autonomy, meaning they were given freely and without any external pressure or coercion.

Estate planning can be a complex process, but the peace of mind it offers is well worth the effort. Common documents include Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorneys, and Healthcare Surrogates – all of which must bear an official notarization for their validity in court proceedings should they be challenged later in court. Although legal without one, having your Will notarized will ensure optimal protection when necessary.


Real estate transactions rely on notarization to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of legal documents with verified signatures. Notary Publics offer an important layer of protection by confirming identities, witnessing signings, and safeguarding against potential fraud in real estate deals.

In many states, ensuring the validity of real estate transactions often necessitates notarization. As an example, when a property is sold in Florida it typically involves signing either a Warranty Deed or Quit Claim Deed in front of two witnesses and a notary. As Florida is considered one of the signature witness states, this allows for further convenience as the appointed notary has permission to act out dual roles as both the notary and witness during these proceedings.

Taking the correct steps with a professional notary from the start is essential for any real estate transaction. An incorrect notarization can impede or stop proceedings entirely, so it’s key to work with an experienced and knowledgeable expert who will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

In conclusion, choosing a properly trained, licensed Notary Public who understands local laws and regulations provides peace of mind to all involved parties.

Notary Force offers a broad range of expertise to customers all over the world. We are proud to offer notarization services for both US Citizens and Non-US citizens, allowing us to efficiently provide international documents with ease and accuracy.

Our team provides professional notarizing services for a wide variety of documents. We ensure that your paperwork is taken care of quickly, accurately, and securely so you can move forward with confidence.

·        Estate planning documents: Trust agreements, Proof of Wills (appointed commissioner), Last Will and Testaments, Power of Attorney

·        Agreements: Written Consents, Confidential Agreements, Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes,

·        Insurance Documents: Policy Information Requests, Settlement Release, Commercial Owner’s Affidavits, Sworn Proof of Loss

·        Responses to Interrogatories, Resolutions

·        Family Law pleadings, Prenuptial Agreements, Pre-Marital Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Parenting Plans, Mediated Marital Settlement Agreement

·        Real Estate Documents: Seller Documents, Title Documents, Special Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Purchase Applications, Modification Agreement

·        Affidavits; Sworn Motion

·        Trademark Registration Form

·        Beneficiary Change Forms for Financial Accounts

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