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The difference between a Mobile Notary and a Remote Online Notary

The difference between a Mobile Notary and a Remote Online Notary

Mobile Notary

Simply put, a mobile notary is a commissioned notary who travels from one location to another to perform notarial services in person. They can perform any notarial service prescribed by their state’s laws. While mobile notaries usually get hired for large real estate transactions, they can notarize any type of document.

Because mobile notaries travel to the customer’s location, they offer a great solution for clients who have work, school, and other obligations. There’s no hassle of getting in the car and fighting traffic trying to get somewhere at an appointed time set by someone else.  

Remote Online Notary a/k/a RON

A remote online notary, or RON, is a commissioned notary public who is authorized to provide notary services online via audio-video services that meet the requirements of the state’s administrative code.

Remote Online Notarization is a notarization process that occurs completely online. It happens over video conferences—no physical paper is required.

For both the notary and the person utilizing the notary service, the process is unparalleled. Neither party needs to leave the comfort of their own home, drive anywhere and impede on daily routine.  Also, if there is more than one signer located in different areas, states, or even countries, everyone can still meet together at one time to get the notarization completed.

It’s safe, quick, and easy!

The convenience factor of either type of service is undeniable. However you wish to have your documents notarized, Notary Force will get the job done correctly. That you can be sure of.

The process couldn’t be simpler: just fill out an online form or give us a call!

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