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Why I Love Being a Notary

Why I Love Being a Notary

I love being a Mobile and Remote Online Notary. I have the privilege of meeting so many different people and being a part of helping them achieve their goals. Every situation is different and I am there to celebrate good times and provide compassion in life’s more challenging times. As a Mobile Notary, I have performed notarizations in homes, offices, coffee places, and restaurants. I have completed notarizations on the hood of cars, back of cars, porches, patios, you name it. I have met people at the airport to get their documents notarized before flying away. I’ve been to hospitals, care facilities. I’ve met with people at midnight and early morning. No matter where or when I meet someone, I will provide the best signing experience possible. Your Any Time, Any Place Notary.

Performing as a Remote Online Notary (a/k/a Online Notarization a/k/a Virtual Notarization a/k/a RON) and I can notarize documents online for anyone located anywhere in the world.

Licensed and insured. Background screened annually.

“The Only Way To Do Great Work is to Love What You do.” And, I Do!

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