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I’m a total notary nerd! Taking pride in paperwork may sound mundane to some, but for me, it’s pure bliss. From organizing appointments to completing my precision-perfect signatory procedures and finalizing the perfect notarizations – these are all tasks that inspire joy within me. It adds value when you know clients like title companies or attorneys trust their important work with me; Making sure they look great is what motivates me best! Keeping myself up-to-date on current law changes helps keep everything legit too – which makes this job even more fun (yes, really!).

However, I think that the main reason I love being a Mobile and Remote Online Notary is that I have the privilege of meeting so many different people at different stages of their lives. I’m the kind of person who loves to celebrate the joys and wins that people have, but also be there to listen with a compassionate heart to situations that are difficult and not so joyous.  I Have learned so much by fully listening to stories and life lessons that people have shared with me.

Here is an example of this very thing.  Just today I met with a couple in their home to sign loan documents.  I could tell right away that these were very nice people.  After sharing a Cuban coffee we got down to business.  This particular loan transaction required the documents to be scanned back to the lender and wait for approval before leaving. While we were waiting we began chatting.  I was filled with awe at the strong bond between this couple and their grown children–how they gather together once a week to play board games. That love extended even further as they talked about their grandchildren. Despite wanting “alone time” together, it’s obvious how much this family loves each other; when your children seek out quality time with you – you know you’ve done something right!  But the most beautiful part of my visit had to have been when I witnessed firsthand just how deeply in love these two people still are after all those years.  When the wife left the room for a minute the husband turned to me and told me just how much he loved his wife. The amount of warmth and adoration radiating from within that household made me truly appreciate the importance of family.

On another memorable occasion, I was called to travel to a home of an elderly woman who needed to sign a Special Warranty Deed. Although it was clear this woman suffered from great illness her three grown children were there to help.  Once the notarization was complete they each shared beautiful stories filled with admiration for their mother with me around the table – even while tears flowed through both sadness and joy! No document or signature could capture that profound feeling of unwavering adoration in its purest form; nonetheless, it is something that will remain tucked away forever within my heart.

As a remote online notary, I have had the pleasure of connecting with folks from over 20 different countries and most of the United States. One particular instance that stands out to me was when five siblings needed my services for estate planning! What made it especially unique is that three lived in different states – but thanks to virtual notarizations they were able to meet face-to-face at once! Watching them joke around and catch up after such a long time apart turned an otherwise strictly business process into some good old-fashioned fun reminiscing. A bit too much fun sometimes though – because someone had to bring things back on track so we could finish our work together!

Another interesting aspect of my job is the journey to my destinations.  As a remote online notary, I am able to travel across seas from the comfort of my home office.  As a mobile notary, I have traveled to many interesting places and facilitated notarizations in unique ways.  I have walked through homes and offices; hung out in coffee shops and restaurants. I’ve met people at the airport arriving in Miami or about to leave. I’ve been to hospitals, care facilities, dog parks, and beachside hotels.  I have completed notarizations on the hood of cars, back of cars, porches, and patios both during calm days and challenging windy days. I welcome a challenge! 

The bottom line is that every day brings a unique opportunity to connect meaningfully with clients, whether online or physically face-to-face. It’s an incredible, rewarding career and I love it!

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