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Mobile Notary Public

As Mobile Notaries, we come to you! This could be a person's home, a business, a restaurant, or any other public place. No more waiting in long lines at the UPS store. We'll make it simple and convenient for you. You won't have to fight traffic or alter your calendar to fit in an appointment at a time and location that may or may not be convenient for you. We want your signing experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Mobile Notarization Requests

Documents presented to the notary must contain all of the required information. No blank spaces or lines are allowed. We are unable to notarize papers that are missing information. Please do not sign the document(s) before the notary arrives.
The notary must be presented with a tangible current, unexpired photo ID. Photocopies or images presented on a smartphone cannot be accepted.
A list of eligible IDs is provided below. If you do not have one of these, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we can consider alternative forms of identification.

Florida also permits Notaries to accept expired IDs from a signer provided the expired ID was issued within the past five years and includes a serial identifying number.


The cost of a notary is governed by a number of things. State legislation establishes the maximum rates for notarizations. In Florida, for example, the maximum rate per notarized signature is $10. However, this does not account for travel expenses, time, or a rush fee if necessary. The notary in Florida is permitted to include these costs in his or her fee. Each state is unique.

Call, text, or complete the form below to obtain an accurate quote! 786-564-6124


Below are some common types of documents


Don’t want to meet in person or go out? Perhaps you are out of town or even out of the country. No problem. Let’s notarize the documents online! Safe and Secure.

With Remote Online Notarization, a signer appears before the Notary using audio-visual technology over the internet instead of being physically present in the same room.

In Remote Online Notarization, or "RON," a signer appears before the Notary using audio-visual technology over the internet rather than being physically present in the same room at the time of the notarization. Webcam notarization, online notarization, and virtual notarization are all terms used to describe remote online notarization. It is convenient and secure and it can be done from any location in the world.

How it Works and System Requirements:

Each signer must use a device that has a functioning camera and microphone. It is recommended that you use a PC or a laptop. If none of these are available, a smartphone or iPad can be used. In order for the notarization to be accomplished, the notary and the signers must all be able to see and communicate clearly.

It is necessary to have a strong, dependable internet connection. If the connection is unreliable, the session will be terminated.

Multiple Signers must have Separate Email Addresses and Devices. An email will be sent to each participant’s individual email addresses and these emails contain the link needed to join the session.

The signers must use a Supported Web Browser and Operating System. Below is the list of browsers to use. Please make sure that whichever one you use is the current, highest version.

Personal Requirements: To be eligible for a Remote Online Notarization you must have the following:

U.S. Citizens:

Non- U.S. Citizens:

Identity Verification

Florida requires a 2-Step Identity Verification Process.

When the signer joins the session, they must have their ID with them. All signers will be asked to display their identification to the camera by the notary.

We are here to help you! If you have any problems or inquiries, we will assist you every step of the way.


Please remember you will need a witness. This requirement is mandatory and can not be override.

Notary Signing Agent

As a Notary Signing Agent (NSA), our job is to act as an impartial, third-party witness and oversee the signing of the documents to ensure all documents are signed and initialed in all the necessary places and to properly notarize the required documents included in the package. We do not work for the lenders or title companies but are hired as an independent contractor to ensure that real estate documents are correctly executed by the borrower and that the documents are returned promptly for processing so that the deals get funded on time. It is critical that this gets done without a hitch.

Our hefty real estate background gives us an edge over other Notary Signing Agents because we have the experience and expertise to handle any type of real estate transaction.
Because of this experience, we possess the skills and confidence required to execute and produce accurate loan packages. We know how to guide people through the signing process from start to finish, in line with our responsibilities and limitations as a notary.

We understand this business well and know that oftentimes packages delivered from the lender can arrive at the last minute. We schedule our other appointments accordingly to allow sufficient time for these situations. You will find that we are dependable and easy to work with. We are able to print any size package and scan back packages if necessary.

Although we are Notary Signing Agents ourselves, we are able to locate other highly qualified Notary Signing Agents nationwide. All notaries that come on board with us must first undergo a screening process and interview. We want the very best for our clients.

Common Loan Documents

We are certified as an NSA through the National Notary Association (NNA)

Apostille Services

When a document is to be used outside the United States, an apostille or authentication is required and needs to be attached to the document. This is necessary for documents to be accepted in the foreign country. The actual apostille is a certificate usually issued by the state’s Secretary of State which is the Notary Commissioning Authority. The purpose of an apostille and authentication is to verify that the notary held a notary commission at the time the document was notarized. The question is: Is the country this document is to be used in a party to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961? If so, then an apostille is the only certificate needed. Click here for the list of countries that have signed onto the Hague Apostille Convention. If the country is not part of the Hague Convention, then an authentication certificate is required, which consists of several authentication certificates that comprise: commissioning agency, the U.S. Department of State, the consul of the destination country and potentially another government official in the destination country. In addition, translations are usually required. If you need assistance with translations, our apostille services can assist in getting your documents translated.

How we can help you

After we have properly notarized your documents, we can assist you in obtaining the apostille on a rush or routine basis. Our routine turnaround time is approximately 7-10 business days. Speak to us about your situation and we can provide you with consultation.

Commonly notarized and apostilled documents.


What an exciting time in your life! Weddings are a joyous occasion, but finding the right officiant may indeed be challenging. Picking an officiant who is accessible on your wedding day, fits your budget, and shares your vision for your marriage ceremony can be daunting. Notary Force is here to help! We provide simple wedding officiant services to help you relax on your special day. We will listen to your requests to ensure that your ceremony accurately represents your wishes, whether you choose a traditional ceremony and vows or something more contemporary. Our officiants are skilled professionals who will collaborate with you to design a ceremony that is personalized to you and your future spouse.

So, what exactly does a Wedding Officiant do?

A wedding officiant's primary responsibility is to make your wedding official by meeting the requirements set forth by the marriage laws in the state where you are marrying. This includes witnessing the couple purposely express their consent to marry and signing the marriage license.

The task of completing the marriage license is what gives a wedding officiant the title of "Officiant." You're "officially" legalizing a marriage.

One of the most interesting, and somewhat unusual, duties of a Florida Notary Public is to perform marriage ceremonies. The law authorizing Notaries “to solemnize the rites of matrimony" was enacted in 1861. To solemnize a marriage, a notary must follow this general procedure:

Prior to the marriage ceremony

*Note: The marriage license is only valid for 60 days after issuance. Therefore, the ceremony must be performed before these 60 days expire.


Couples wishing to become legally married in the state of Florida must apply for a marriage license in person and be of 18 years old and over. A Florida marriage license allows a couple to get married anywhere in Florida, regardless of the county the license was purchased from. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to apply for a Florida marriage license. However, if you are getting married outside of the state of Florida, you need to obtain the marriage license from that state or country where you will be married. Due to COVID-19, the Marriage License Bureau continues issuing marriage licenses on a limited basis by appointments only, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Beginning January 24, 2022 the Clerk’s Office will expand the current marriage license appointment system to ALL District locations.

To expedite the application process, customers must complete the online marriage license pre-application and then schedule an appointment.

We are currently not accepting walk-ins until further notice.


Click this link to read what is required by the State of Florida.

Wedding Vows

For some ceremonies, particularly religious ones, you may not have the option of writing your own vows. Civil ceremonies are usually more flexible. Whichever type of ceremony you choose, we are here to help you. Provide us with a script of your own or tell us what you are looking for and we will help create a personalized script.

Looking for inspiration?
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